What Happens When The Drain Line Between Your Home And Septic Tank Clogs?

Just as the main household drain line to a community sewer system can become clogged by solid waste products or blocked by tree roots, so too can the main drain line into your residential septic tank clog. Though unclogging and repairing a damaged drain line is always a job for an experienced septic service or plumbing professional, it's important you know how to determine if this is the cause of your current plumbing woes. [Read More]

Reasons To Pump Out Your Septic Tank

Under normal conditions, your septic tank should not need pumping more than once every few years. A tank that is filling up sooner than that is most likely not working properly. Here are a few reasons you may need septic tank pumping for your system. Failing Leach Field The leach field or drain field work to drain the liquid that comes out of your septic tank, off into the ground. A leach field that is working correctly should operate without you ever needing to worry about it. [Read More]

Money-Saving Tips For Residential Septic System Owners

As a frugal homeowner, there are many things you can do to save money and protect your home's systems from damage. When it comes to your septic system, it can be expensive if you don't take proper care of it. To this end, here are some money-saving tips for owners of residential septic systems: Money-Saving Tip: Be Proactive in Your Daily Septic System Use You will save the most money on septic system pump-outs and maintenance by simply being diligent about what you put down your home's drains. [Read More]

How A Leaking Septic Tank Pipe Is Repaired

If the ground above your septic tank is soggy, or there is an odor of sewage in your yard, then your septic tank may be in trouble. While septic tanks that are properly maintained can work for many years without having any problems, there's always the potential for malfunctions that need prompt repairs. Since a septic tank contains biohazardous material, leaks should be repaired right away. Here's a look at how your septic tank can be repaired when it's leaking: [Read More]